The Synergise brand was established in 2007 by Leah Percy and Elies El Chaar,  specialising in personal training and health coaching. Since then they have expanded into sports coaching and development as well as health and fitness with the goal to help young athletes reach their full potential in their chosen sport. 


Leah and Elies have both played high level competition in their chosen sport of Touch Football with Leah also being a established netballer. They have both represented Australia in Touch Football and Leah is a Championship winning captain in Victioria's Netball League. They are regarded as the best coaches in Victoria and are now looking to share their experiences by coaching all age and all level participants in Touch Football, Netball as well as speed and agility training. 


Synergise has a great record of turning players into elite athletes with numerous players going on to represent their state or country with the help of the team of Synergise. The team will work through a program that will help with the athletes strength, speed and agility and more importantanly the game sense that will help them in their chosen sport. This will prepare them for school or representative selections as well as help them with their general health and fitness and well being. 


If you, your school, your business or your team is looking for smart training to help you improve your skills and abilities then our team is for you.